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The Godavari Alumni Association (GAA) has come a long way since its inception in 1964. Originally begun as a club for the alumni of St Xavier’s School, Lalitpur to meet and watch English films and play sports, the club gradually transformed into a full-fledged organised body with the objective of empowering the youth for the service of the nation, a value inculcated amongst the members during their years in St Xavier’s School as per the school motto “Live for God and Lead for Nepal”. Two years later on 14 December 1966 the GAA was officially registered with the government of Nepal. Being composed of students who had attended the first boarding school in Nepal to offer a western style education , the members of the GAA no doubt had an advantage over other youth of the valley in many areas. Their proficiency in English was better than that of those who attended government schools, and because of the extracurricular activities that they were involved in during school, they had a greater sense of confidence. Indeed many of the popular sports played today such as basketball, hockey, and swimming were originally introduced through St. Xavier’s School.