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Mobile Application (Mobile App)

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Dear Parents, Guardians and Staff

We are happy to announced the launching of SXG Apps.

The world is changing rapidly and our children are growing in and with this swiftly changing world. Sometimes we feel that our pace, with the training we had years back, is quite slow and because of this we are not able to walk hand in hand with the new generation children and challenged them in their term. They are advance in many technological areas. Looking into this context we have planned to launch SXG Apps for the parents, guardians and staff of SXG. This Apps will definitely help us to be in constant touch with each other regarding our students. This is also an opportunity to update ourselves to the modern means of communication which are easier, faster and cost effective.

SXG Apps will keep track of the activities of each student which is available for the Parents and Guardians of the respective students. Not only that but also in emergency communication, the notice of the schools, child’s progress report and assignments could be quickly and easily reached to the parents/guardians. On the other hand, the parents’/guardians’ suggestions, complain or requests could be easily communicated to the SXG administration.

I am sure that this small step can help us to be effective in transforming ourselves and our students in a positive manner.


Yours Sincerely

Fr. Samuel Simick SJ